Hot Off The Press: Luggage Tracker

We’ve all been there, off you pop on your travels filled with excitement and high hopes for your holiday of a lifetime. On arrival you wait patiently at the luggage carousel bushy tailed and wide eyed and there it goes, pumping out every bit of luggage except yours. Your high hopes come crashing down into a frustrating inferno, your bag is lost. If only, like your phone, you could ring it. Well Bag2Go Luggage has done something just like that.

You can now track and trace your luggage with some clever technology from Airbus which has incorporated GPS, RFID and 2G mobile data capabilities into baggage. The Bag2Go syncs up with your iPhone tracking your bag’s movements as it’s en route. The bags are still in development but we think this is a pretty nifty idea and could well be the answer to any future vacation woes.

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