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Shop That Video

Content marketing is nothing new, but one of the challenges for retailers in particular is how you shorten the gap between inspiring with content and generating a purchase. Brands like ASOS in the UK have pioneered the concept of shoppable video: the ability to click on video content to buy items in it. Up to this point, the process has been fairly expensive and difficult to embed across social video platforms. Howev
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Play Music All Access

It would be easy to say Google are the ultimate second movers. One of the reasons Android is so successful is that it was developed with learnings from the first mover (Apple) in mind. And so it may be again, with the recently announced launch of their music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access. Music streaming isn’t new; Spotify, Pandora and a host of others have led the way, proving the model to record l
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EPL – What does the change from TV to online distribution tell us about the future of the TV broadcaster model?

The announcement of SKY losing its broadcast rights for the English Premier League (EPL) competition may seem like the end of SKY’s monopoly on premium sports. More importantly, however, is that the new rights holders, Coliseum Sports Media (CSM), will be broadcasting the live games via online only. TVNZ will be able to broadcast a limited amount of delayed content as part of a partnership deal but this event poses a
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Hot Off The Press: Video On Instagram

Just when you thought your life couldn’t GET any more Lo-fi, Amaro or Sierra, Instagram releases moving images (aka video) on their make-life-look-more-beautiful social media platform. This video captures it perfectly – http://bit.ly/1ayiQ6J
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For Small Eyes Only

Children will be seeing the world differently following the latest campaign from Spanish child welfare foundation ANAR. By developing a media tool that can deliver a secret message to children the campaign talks directly to children and empowers them to make their own decisions by giving them an opportunity to reach out for help. This eliminates the adult as the moderator of ads which is paramount in this situation w
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The Future Is Here

Many have been lauding the advent of über smart specs but do we really want Google Glass in our lives? Well, yes, yes we do… We’ve seen lots of press about it lately but the best review we’ve found so far is this article on mashable: http://on.mash.to/101ie1C
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