Taming the Wild West Web: Preparing your Business for the GDPR

By James Butcher (Group Digital Business Director) The General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) is one of the first major legislative attempts to regulate the World Wide Web (or, perhaps more accurately, the Wild West Web). While the GDPR is EU-based legislation, its impact will be felt globally from May 25th. In effect, the GDPR makes it illegal for businesses to use EU citizens’ data without proper basis or consent. It
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Time for Disclosure: NZ’s New Influencer Marketing Guidelines

By Katie Smith (PR Account Executive) It’s a known fact that influencers have the power to affect consumer decisions en masse. From global celebrities like Selena Gomez to local content creators like How to Dad (Jordan Watson) and reality stars like Matilda Rice, we see the power of celebrity influence every day. According to Ad Week, the influencer marketing industry has a global estimated worth of $2 billion. This
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