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Market Thoughts: April 2018 | Sports & Entertainment Reality TV

By David Turner (Head of Investment – Media) In the last twelve months, two key content genres have emerged as vital to the success of local television network offerings. MediaWorks have found success with entertainment reality (championing shows such as Married at First Sight  and The Block), while TVNZ have recently made it clear that their focus is sport (securing the rights to the 2018 Commonwealth Games and next
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Market Thoughts: March 2018 | Digital Audio

By David Turner (Head of Investment – Media) What’s happening to the world of digital audio? With the recent news that iHeartMedia has filed for bankruptcy, last year’s closure of Pandora (everywhere except the USA) and the massive losses reported by Spotify (nearly $1 billion over the past two years), I’ve been thinking – what is the future for digital streaming services, and is there room for anyone oth
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Market Thoughts: February 2018

By David Turner (Head of Investment) The media market is changing at an alarming rate, and this will only continue throughout 2018 and beyond. We can expect to see improvements in technology, more transparency, a greater focus on content and increased flexibility, but there will inevitably be a few surprises along the way – so strap yourselves in, it’s going to be an exciting ride! On Television The television world
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