Things We Like

Things We Like: Never Missing Out

For those of you who suffer severely from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) you are probably as excited as we are about Live Stream on YouTube. Live Stream enables people to kick back and watch live events from the comfort of their own home. The new technology was demonstrated on Sunday night by indie rock band Vampire Weekend who shared new music during their concert at the Tribecca film festival. Fans who couldn’t make it
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Things We Like: Free WiFi In A Magazine

To mark the launch of Office 365, Microsoft have partnered with T Mobile to place free WiFi hotspots into Forbes magazine. No idea how much it cost – it was only to a selection of tech professionals apparently – but a great way of dramatising their “anywhere working” proposition. Given the audience, a bunch of dissection videos were inevitable: http://bit.ly/ZQOlB1
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Things We Like: Red Tomato Magnet

Ok… admittedly an oldie but a goodie. Driven by a simple, universal insight in fast food, salience wins. And given the often impulsive nature of the category, frictionless salience is even better. The solution? A fridge magnet that orders your favourite pizza with one touch. Genius. Toto’s can we help you make one of these please? http://bit.ly/17gg55s
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Things We Like: UTEC Billboard

A big hand to our Draft colleagues in Peru for this one – the world’s first billboard that can generate its own water. A great example of demonstrating a product benefit (in this case UTEC’s engineering expertise) in a way that has massive social currency. http://bit.ly/11bZA8N
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