Market Thoughts: April 2018 | Sports & Entertainment Reality TV

By David Turner (Head of Investment – Media) In the last twelve months, two key content genres have emerged as vital to the success of local television network offerings. MediaWorks have found success with entertainment reality (championing shows such as Married at First Sight  and The Block), while TVNZ have recently made it clear that their focus is sport (securing the rights to the 2018 Commonwealth Games and next
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Looking Forward to Television

By David Turner (Head of Investment – Media) I recently attended a short conference entitled the Future TV Advertising Forum (ANZ). It was an extremely insightful and thought provoking day, and it made clear that the Australian market has many more challenges to overcome than we do. The Australian networks have been competing against each other so intensely that they have detrimentally affected the medium. They
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Super Bowl 52: Showcasing Social Responsibility

By Rachel Berryman (Digital Account Executive) and Rebekah Gierlinska (Strategy Director) Expectations of brands are changing. No longer is it acceptable simply to sell people the products and services they need; rather, brands are increasingly under pressure to think beyond their bottom line, delivering purpose and driving meaning through altruistic corporate commitments. Even with intensified pressures on brand bud
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