Announcing the Release of the New Zealand MADTech Landscape Report

By Qassem Naim (Head of Data & Tech)

Adoption of new technologies has become fundamental to marketing and advertising in recent years. Consumers’ expectations have outpaced most brand’s ability to deliver consistent customer experiences, and the increasing volume and velocity of data has proved challenging to keep up with and extract value from.

While that’s true domestically and abroad, New Zealand has unique challenges that make it difficult to benchmark with nearly all available research from the USA, EU, or APAC at large. Sure, there are some macro trends that apply, but also a nuance that’s not represented when looking at these larger markets from around the globe.

In order to address this gap we commissioned an exciting piece of research investigating the New Zealand Marketing Technology Landscape, in partnership with Marketo an Adobe Company, focusing on establishing the current state of MADTech adoption and capabilities across NZ and identifying the key challenges and opportunities to advancing these.

We’re excited to announce the release of the report this month, made available to participants and clients alike to better understand their position relative to their peers and how they stack up locally. Some findings have proven surprising, with less than 40% of respondents reporting using first party data in paid media.

Others have proven less so, such as the fact that 74% of respondents expect to increase their investment in Marketing Technology over the coming year and talent being identified as the #1 challenge in driving capabilities locally.

This is the first wave of what is to be an ongoing research programme monitoring the development of MADTech in New Zealand advertising. If you’re interested in getting a hold of the report when it’s released, sign up here or contact your business lead to ensure you don’t miss out!

FCB’s recently accelerated its data and technology offering, positioned at the data-driven intersection of advertising technology and marketing technology – sometimes referred to as MADtech.

Date: July 15, 2019