Awards Spotlight: Beacons 2018

Fire and Emergency NZ: Igniting Action

Winner: Advertiser of the Year
Category: Best Communications Strategy (Gold), Best Use of Technology (Gold), Best Launch (Gold), Social Marketing/Public Service (Gold)

Government campaigns usually ‘tell’ or ‘show’. This world-first digital approach enabled people to ‘learn’ for themselves the importance of making an escape plan for a house fire, by putting them in the driving seat of escaping one.

Through 360° videos and a range of first-of-their-kind data partnerships and media innovations, we created a fully personalised end-to-end solution, including:

  • Personalised experience – The first step was entering your home address in our Escape My House experience. Once you’d tried to escape the house fire, we revealed a Street View photo of your own home in flames via an innovative Google API.
  • Personalised invitations –  We created over three million invitations to try the experience, with bespoke solutions for each media platform, integrating personal information such as first and last names, home addresses, etc.
  • Personalised reminders – Retargeting with a Street View image of users’ own homes on fire, along with the message: “You’ve tried Escape My House, but are you ready for the real thing?”

Four months after launch, more than 3,000 new escape plans were being made each month. Judges heralded this as a “smart use of tech and a complex campaign, seamlessly implemented.”

Try the experience yourself.

Anne Lipsham (Head of Strategy – Media)

Westpac 3

Westpac NZ: The Inequality Issue

Winner: Best in Show
Category: Best Small Budget (Gold), Best Creative Media Idea (Gold), Best Collaboration (Gold)

Through a truly collaborative partnership, Westpac NZ, FCB and the New Zealand Herald sparked a conversation about gender inequality in leadership that even their competition endorsed.

At a time when banks were spending ever greater amounts on promoting their brands, Westpac demonstrated its commitment to brand purpose using the power of creative media thinking, not spend. The Inequality Issue shone a light on an unknown reality, sparked conversation across New Zealand, and drove record uplifts in NPS, non-customer consideration, staff engagement and job applications.

By removing all but 29% of business content in the NZ Business Herald, they dramatised the state of New Zealand’s leadership imbalance, and in so doing proved both the power of cause-driven marketing, and distinctive, creative media behaviour in earning attention.

Ashley Hekkens (Account Director – Media) and Rebekah Gierlinska (Strategy Director)

EMD0547 Audi Ice_FB_1200x1200_v3

European Motor Distributors: Audi, The Melting Offer

Category: Best Use of Event/Activation (Gold), Most Effective (Silver), Consumer Durables (Silver)

When it comes to automotive retail messaging, every brand seems to say the same thing. Whether it’s Mercedes or BMW, the way a discount or finance package is communicated is surprisingly similar – which is bizarre when you think about how distinctive and painstakingly curated brand communications are. What’s the point of being Mercedes if you could be confused with BMW?

The Audi brand is all about innovation and carving their own space. We wanted that unique brand DNA to shine through, even if it was “just” retail. So we built our $6k Audi credit offer out of ice in the heart of the Audi-sponsored Winter Games in Queenstown. As soon as the ice was gone, so was our offer.

This unique way of promoting a car offer was amplified further by the ways we managed to make an activation in South Island the epicenter for a national campaign.

To do that, we needed to do media a little differently. We delivered a live experience across all channels – from TV to the live feed that plugged into HTML5 display banners, targeted to in-market car shoppers across the country, ensuring that the urgency of the melting offer was felt nationwide.

Alex Bunnell (Group Business Director – Media)

 Meatrimony v3

Foodstuffs (NZ) – PAK’n’SAVE: Metrimony – The “Perfect” Marriage

Category: Retail/Etail (Gold), Best Creative Media Idea (Silver)

Competing with the plethora of promotional retail messages in market, we needed to create serious cut-through to generate sales success for PAK’nSAVE’s meat and seafood promotion. To do this, we staged a mock romance between Seafood and Meat that played out across NZ’s celebrity gossip and relationship media… just like in real life.

This risky approach required us to firmly place our faith in people’s appetite for a good love story. We broke away from the traditional, formulaic retail media approach and engaged multiple innovative media partnerships, flipping retail promotional advertising on its head.

With a double-page spread editorial in the NZ Woman’s Day, a partnership with The Edge’s Scandal segment, targeted digital to gossip site readers, and even character accounts on Tinder, we made the marriage real, pushing the boundaries between advertising and editorial. In so doing, our “Meatrimony” media idea successfully captured public attention and delivered exceptional business results for PAK’nSAVE.

Gaby Johns (Account Manager – Media)

Go_Balls_Out_1920-800x500 v3

Testicular Cancer NZ: #GoBallsOut

Category: Charity (Gold)

Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer for males aged 15-39. However, as it often isn’t fatal, it wasn’t on their radar. We needed to re-engage this audience about the risks of this “harmless cancer,” because if it’s not found early, it can kill.

Men are extremely uncomfortable talking about serious medical issues so we needed an idea which would cut-through their uneasiness — and, with minimal budget, we needed to generate exponential coverage for the charity beyond what we could buy.

Our idea was #GoBallsOut, a social media-led exercise challenge that put testicular cancer on the map. Literally. To raise awareness while encouraging prevention, we encouraged Kiwis to walk, run, cycle, etc., the outline of a “Cock & Balls” on a map using fitness apps such as Strava.

We used influencers to launch the campaign, helping Kiwis to feel comfortable talking about the topic by showing their heroes (like Aaron Cruden) doing so. With so many of the general public talking about the campaign, the typically stuffy New Zealand press were also forced to cover it, generating greater awareness.

We supported this launch with social content, geo-targeted display, native content, and OOH. We used Instagram pin-drop technology to target universities and a Facebook Messenger bot to advise people of nearby running routes. We reached over 86% of young Kiwi men and achieved over 4.3m views, 33,000 shares, and $17.8m in earned media value. Most importantly, we saw a 48% increase in men checking themselves for testicular cancer, and also saved a life.

Dan West (Digital Strategy Director)


Water Safety NZ: The Swim Reaper

Category: Social Marketing / Public Service (Gold), Best Use of Social (Gold)

Young men aged 15-24 make up more than a third of preventable drownings in New Zealand. Whether by misjudging cliff jumps, back-flips gone wrong, or swimming after consuming alcohol, young men are far more likely than anyone else to die in the water.

To persuade these young guys to be safer around water, we used media to create the world’s first “anti-influencer,” a subversive character that could earn a place in our audience’s inner circle to make them reflect on the stupidity of their behaviour. We called this character the Swim Reaper.

Our radical anti-influencer wasn’t just an ad campaign. We used social media, activations and innovative ambient content to build the sense that he was a “real” part of our audience’s world. Through relevant channel use and dark comedy, we successfully engaged a notoriously difficult audience and in the process re-wrote the rules for government safety communication. Alana O’Neill, Mediaworks GM of Integration, said of the campaign that “the client took some real risks with the approach that they [took] against what is a quite a serious topic”.

The end result? Increased awareness of water safety amongst our core audience and zero drownings during Summer ’16-17.

– Andrew Coulthard (Account Director – Media)


Date: June 13, 2018