Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

If you’re shopping at Tesco in the UK you might just be right. A new launch by Amscreen, that has many referencing the minority report, sees face scanning software in Tesco forecourts identifying people based on their gender and age. An ad is then served tailored to that demographic.

Information is relayed back to advertisers in real time and can also measure how long people pay attention to the ads, allowing live tweaking and testing similar to online advertising. This combined with the ability to tailor content based on time, location and demographic is certainly appealing to advertisers trying to create more ‘relevant moments’.

Amid speculation around privacy infringements, Tesco are at pains to point out that this is face detection, not recognition and that no data or images are stored.

Privacy aside, in an advertising age where data capture is becoming a driving force behind more targeted messaging, we think it’s inevitable that we will see other media innovating to try and catch up to online capabilities. ‘Big Brother’ is here to stay.


Photo Source: http://bit.ly/185G3JG

Date: November 10, 2013