Gamified TV Ads

How do you engage gamers using TV? By using it to spark a digital and real world treasure hunt.

Last month Xbox aired a version of their Xbox One TV commercial in the UK that appeared to have a 25 frame glitch in it. The glitch was actually a series of codes.  To get the codes you needed to be able to slow down the ad using a PVR and then do some serious Internet sleuthing. The TV ad apparently only ran a few times over one time slot to give all the gamers a fair start.

37 hours later the first gamer finally cracked the hidden code, arrived at an abandoned van and won a prize

What we love is the use of mainstream media to ignite a niche – and hard to engage – audience by gamifying the experience, capitalising on gamers’ notorious competitiveness and sense of community. Meanwhile non-gamers (still a target for Xbox One) who saw the glitch would be none the wiser. Smart, insightful and connected use of media.

Date: February 19, 2014