Outlook 2017: The Next Wave of Computing

Every year the IPG Media Lab team – FCB Media’s global media innovation and insight partner – round up the big ideas that excite them: emerging market trends, new technologies, and consumer shifts that are reshaping the ways we evaluate, buy, and consume media. Here they present their Outlook 2017: The Next Wave of Computing, which examines the rising challenges and opportunities for brands as we move past the peak of the smartphone era and start to enter an A.I.-powered, globally connected future.

Trends and themes covered include:

  • Advanced Interfaces – The smartphone supply chain has given rise to powerful, cheap computing components that can augment many parts of our bodies, our homes, and our cities with intelligence. They consider things such as IoT devices or wearables, but when backed by machine learning in the cloud, and linked up with other devices, that create totally new kinds of advanced interfaces for media.
  • Global Culture – The app-ification of all media has had the consequence of breaking down boundaries in how, when, and where that media is consumed, with little regard for your windowing strategy. How can you effectively reach the cohorts of global consumers which share more in common interest and less in geography?
  • Augmented Intelligence – A growing suite of cloud services and a new breed of machine learning, constantly analyzing those new inputs, is helping us to deliver new kinds of hyper-personalized experiences. Is your brand ready to embrace the rise of A.I. and tap into the transformative power it will bring to marketing?


Read the Outlook here

Date: April 04, 2017