Real time marketing or RTM has been trending for a while and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

As brands strive to become more interesting and relevant, often on smaller budgets, leveraging or hijacking what’s going on around them has become a way to get ‘cut through’ and ‘more bang for their buck’; two much loved media hyperbole. Leveraging context is nothing new, but the speed and ease that social media and digital technologies provide is helping take this trend to new heights.

We like that RTM is encouraging brands to be more playful, some are seeing this as an opportunity to shed the shackles of low risk, carefully laid plans and high production values to prioritise being relevant and current.

Hopping on the GIF craze Netflix generated GIF’s from their movies in their outdoor campaign to respond in real time to what was going on around them. GIFs may not be cinematic genius but it was a simple and effective way to play in the RTM space.

The infamous Oreos tweet when the Superbowl was plunged into darkness helped propel RTM and Oreos onto centre stage. They illustrated the power of a well-timed tweet, with many agreeing Oreo were the winner on the night up against 30 second ads costing circa $3.8 million.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge also saw a number of brands hijacking the craze – KFC produced a ‘KFC know a thing or two about buckets’ video and Samsungs Waterproof Galaxy S5 cleverly challenged the iPhone

Finally for a bit of a light hearted look at ‘Reactvertising’ check out this link:

Date: November 19, 2014