Sensory Overdrive

Luxury car brands love to launch with print – it’s a great way to show off aesthetics and tell a deeper story i.e newton metres of torque and other techy car info.

But despite tantalising the eyes and mind, in a highly emotive category, other senses are often left hanging.

Realising there’s nothing quite like the tangible experience of an actual test drive, Land Rover in the UK  decided  to stimulate a few more senses  by bringing the driving experience………to print.

How did they do it? Through a seemingly ordinary print ad for the launch of their all-new Range Rover Sport and Blippar (an app that brings static objects to life), they took augmented reality to new heights.  Not only could readers see what it was like to drive the car but they could also feel and interact, immersing readers in a multi-sensory driving experience, far more engaging than the average print ad.

How did it work?

Using a smartphone, readers could scan one of the 3 images which allowed them to experience different features of the new Range Rover. The first image showcased the off-road terrain capabilities, initiating the vibration function of the phone as the wheels negotiate boulders. The second turned their phone into a virtual acceleration pedal, activating the gyro sensors which allowed the user to pump the gas to hear the throaty V8 engine. The third image provided a driver seat view of the car’s world record run, substantiating that this car is damn fast!

To stimulate talk-ability of this unconventional print campaign, people were encouraged to share their experience through social media. The result: during launch week it became one of the top 5 most liked and shared campaigns in the history of Blippar.

We like the way this campaign turned a passive medium into a multi-sensory interactive experience, taking the joy of a test drive right into the hands of their audience. See the Range Rover Sport interactive campaign here, for more Blippar campaigns, visit their website


Date: February 26, 2014