Snapchat Harnesses the Power of Play

By Bayleigh Way (Social Media Account Executive)

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With the rapid evolution of Instagram, and the many features it has “adopted” from it’s competition, Snapchat had been digging in its heels, capitalising on the camera as a way to grow its audience.

In New Zealand, Snapchat has 900k daily users and a total of 1.5m monthly users, who use the app to connect with friends and the wider world by creating their own fun camera content. This usage is higher than Instagram (which has around 600k daily users and 1.2m monthly users), attesting to the truth of Snapchat’s slogan that “Play is Powerful”. Unsurprisingly, the demographic interacting most with both apps is 18-35 year olds, which aligns with the strong mobile preference and camera usage among this audience. Though competition between the two platforms is tight, there is a clear role for each channel, with Instagram offering a curated view of life over Snapchat’s raw, real life moments and playfulness.

So, what does the future hold for Snapchat? The channel is facing and fighting a tough battle, however recent updates include innovations which are yet to be seen on any other social media platform.

Point Radius Targeting is a tool that allows brands to be more contextual with their Snaps. Brands can target Snap Ads and Filters around a specific location, which can be as small as a particular retail store or restaurant. Clothing store Nordstrom Rack saw great success using this tool, for example, with the radius-targeting filter helping to drive foot traffic to their new store launch.

Snapchat has a pivotal role to play in the development of Augmented Reality. Soon, AR Lenses will be available via it’s self-serve Reach and Frequency tool. Advertisers will be able to create their own lenses and access the self-serve platform to place media buys, either paying for targeted audience lenses on a CPM basis or buying Snap Ads where users can swipe up to see a 3D lens. This will afford greater flexibility for Snapchat buying, across a wider range of creative offerings, reducing the reliance on direct buys.

The platform has also recently rolled out a new feature called Snappables, allowing users to share lenses and play games with each other in AR, such as hosting dance-offs and competing in egg-catching competitions (in AR, there is no mess to clean up, thankfully!). They have also launched 3D Bitmoji, which projects a Bitmoji avatar of yourself onto the real world, accomplishing challenges such as walking across hot coals.

More recently, the platform have also introduced the ability to create product lenses that swipe up to shopping carts, presenting new opportunities for retail brands.

Snapchat is evidently working hard to stay in the game, and it will be interesting to see what new ideas the channel comes up with to continue advancing the “most popular camera in the world.”

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Date: August 07, 2018