Spotlight 2018: Audi Melting Offer, Westpace MTA, Pre-Testie Bestie

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Client: Audi New Zealand
Work: Melting Offer 2018

In integrated campaigns, activations are often seen as a one-off, treated as a complement or add-on to a core set of media channels.

In 2017, we decided to flip marketing convention on its head, making an Audi activation in Queenstown the epicentre of national retail campaign. We built a 6-tonne ice sculpture and made it the hero of all comms, across all channels. When the ice was gone, so was our retail offer.

In 2018, we did it again.

We know that consistency is a key pillar of advertising effectiveness, and at FCB, we advocate for building strategies that last. Too often, we craft media and creative campaigns with a use-by date; we’re guilty of creating something new for the sake of innovation, rather than revisiting an idea with a proven track record.

So this year, instead of viewing our 2017 Melting Offer as a one-off success, we did it again. Consumers were familiar with it, Audi clients remembered it and the dealership network had confidence in it. And we were very happy with the results.

By the time the second block of ice had melted, qualified leads had increased by 61% and sales by 194%. Not bad for an activation – the second time round.

Alex Bunnell (Group Business Director)


Client: Westpac
Work: Multi-Touch Attribution Project

Data, data, data! But what does it all mean?

What’s the right number of ads to serve before someone converts? When should I refresh my messaging, and what’s the right sequence? What’s the right length of time to be in market before we hit diminishing returns?

There are many questions marketers face as advertising moves increasingly online, and they (rightfully) seek more accountability on their investment. We know our media is working, but how do we ensure we have the right mix and that we are measuring outcomes correctly?

Multi-Touch Attribution with Markov chains allowed us to do just that.

This year, we ran a project for our client Westpac analysing over 520 million impression events, 2.2 million clicks and 15 million on-site actions to build a complete picture of their paid digital activity and corresponding attribution impact.

Building a richer attribution allocation has allowed us to understand the impact of our media to date, offering business insights which inform our optimisations and the way we use media to drive business outcomes!

James Butcher (Head of Performance & Platforms)

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Client: Health Promotion Agency
Work: Pre-Testie Bestie

Every year in New Zealand, around 3,000 children are born with foetal alcohol syndrome. Millennial women are commonly affected, often drinking while unaware that they’re pregnant.

The problem is that if we told them not to drink, they’d probably tell us to F-off.

However, based on a clever insight that they would listen to their best mate, we encouraged young women to help each other stay off the drink by creating an episodic online video series called Pre-Testie Bestie, a social-led campaign with a platform-first approach, shared exclusively on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The series was tailored to our audience, featuring a raw and unfiltered tone and style. Throughout, we encouraged our audience to invest in 21 Days of Dryness (the amount of time you need to wait before taking an accurate pregnancy test). With highly engaging content, we encouraged our audience to wait around to see whether our lead character was pregnant, documenting their sober antics until they could get an accurate test.

To follow the story, check out the Pre-Testie Bestie Instagram.

– Lena Aziz (Account Manager – Social)

Date: December 10, 2018