The Game That Cures Cancer

This is a pretty awesome use of gamification and crowd sourcing to solve a big problem.

The Cancer Research UK have a massive research project to trawl through thousands of genes looking for faults that could help explain cancer. A computer could do this but the human eye is better at detecting the peaks and troughs they’re looking for.  So instead of having the research team spend thousands of hours analysing gene patterns, they’ve turned the process into a mobile game for the public to play.

Titled “Genes in Space”, players guide a space ship through space hunting rewards. Before they start, the player has to plot their course through “space” on a blurred image. This image is actually a depiction of a real human gene and by plotting a way through you’re identifying the peaks and troughs the scientists are looking for. The more people that play the game, the more accurate their data becomes.

It’s a brilliant example of how gamification can motivate people to act; and how data captured from this mass action can generate insight.

Check out a video explaining the game here:

Or download it from the App Store or Google Play today.

Photo courtesy of: Pocket-Lint

Date: February 07, 2014