Twitter: ‘See it’ to believe it

There’s long been debate about social media’s ability to turn buzz into TV ratings, of course we don’t need to ask which side of the fence Twitter sits on, but it appears they’re now attempting to tackle this debate head on with the launch of a new ‘See it’ button.

Comcast Xfinity TV subscribers in the USA will now be able to instantly access shows from NBCUniversal directly from a tweet, using a ‘See it’ button.

This button provides a menu of options including; instant tune into live TV, start a show on demand on their set top box, tune in to a show online or on their mobile device, set DVR’s, set a reminder and even buy movie tickets via booking site Fandango.

We know Twitter is often host to millions of real time conversations during broadcast television, the creation of the ‘See it’ button, effectively an online remote control, attempts to leverage these moments when we are most engaged.

Although a recent Nielsen study in the States found that increased tweet volume drove up live ratings in 29% of the TV episodes researched, we know actions speak louder than words, and especially for the sceptics this new capability will provide the ‘see it to believe it’ data they need, an important measureable action that social media is often missing.

Date: November 05, 2013